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I'm 21 years old with many aspects of my life that I'm passionate about. My major is anthropology and I explain what I want to do for a career, (physical anthropology) as what Bones does in the show Bones minus the crime fighting. So basically what she is supposed to be doing, working for a museum identifying old skeletal remains; finding who these people were in history and what their stories were. I am also a journalist. Writing is one of my other loves, but only non-fiction, I am pretty poor at creative writing unfortunately. The style of Studs Terkel is one I would love to emulate and in some of my classes have been able to do stories showing how every person, even normal, average people have stories to tell. I find the lives of everyday people fascinating yet I have also interviewed musicians because I am crazy about music. I retain random music facts about bands I like and think concerts are one of the best things in the world. Everything to me is about stories I guess, and that is kind of how modeling is to me as well. I did community theater from 6th grade to 12th and learned so much that I incorporate into modeling now; presence, movement, make-up application, wardrobe and styling, how to be someone else. I always watched America's Next Top Model and several of the foreign versions as well. I loved the art and acting involved in the challenges, but seeing the industry standards for modeling just didn't think about it for me. On a whim I made myself a profile and have been very lucky to find people that want to work with me, and I have been really enjoying myself.